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Paul Chaney Memorial
Fitness Party Fundraiser

Save the Date:
Saturday, November 26th, 2022,
10:00am - 2:00pm
Thanksgiving Weekend

The Foundation Gym in Westport, Paul’s home away from home, is throwing The First Annual Paul Chaney Fitness Fundraiser, a party to benefit P.A.W.S., Protective Animal Welfare Society.


We invite you to this daytime event that will feature all of Paul’s favorite things. This includes weightlifting, individual fitness challenges for all ranges of physical activity, friends, music, *dogs, and more! We’re even hoping Alice will make an appearance.


KC P.A.W.S. is an incredible non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and forever re-homing canines. By this, we mean KC P.A.W.S. is a no-kill shelter that utilizes both foster homes and on-site care within their facility, located on Wornall Road in Waldo.


Our fundraising goal for this event is $25,000. This isn’t an arbitrary number. We set this goal because monthly operating costs for KC P.A.W.S. ranges from $17,000 - $21,000, with an added $6,000 to buffer the yearly licensing, codes, and general maintenance. There are two ways to contribute:

  • As a fundraiser: you will receive your own link to share with your friends and family. This means you will maximize the amount you donate as a group

  • Make a single donation.

Either way, we’re all working together to build Paul’s legacy and make a difference. With your help, we can alleviate some of the financial stress of running the KC P.A.W.S. facility, which means more dogs finding forever homes in the KC area - and more humans finding forever friends. 


We know that the love and connection from all our friends and family have held us together these past weeks. In creating this event, we honor Paul’s dedication to fitness, family, friends, and dog Alice. We hope to create an opportunity to come together to support each other in an environment energized with fitness, celebration, and connection.


We look forward to a day full of connection and energy to honor Paul’s legacy. It takes a community to make a difference. So, please share this with anyone you know who loves pets, just like Paul did.


*No dogs will be allowed inside the gym. The event is planned as both indoor and outdoor, and we will be shutting down the street for the party! If you are bringing your pet, please make sure they are on a leash, and you are with them at all times. Don’t forget the doggie bags to keep the neighborhood clean. :)

Click below to donate or join as a fundraiser. 

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