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Matt Karstetter

Matt is a graduate of Kansas State University, a general contractor, a Real Estate Agent, and at one time, a professional and nationally ranked competitive bodybuilder.

After years of becoming a fitness competitor, through the sport of bodybuilding, Matt decided to create a facility that offers everything a bodybuilder like him could ever want: 24/7 access, high-quality equipment and the best environment.

That is how our Manhattan location was born, and since then has added three more locations to the name. The Foundation team works full-time, side by side, overseeing everything and making sure all TF locations are running smoothly.



Gus & Moo 

The Canine Operations Officers

Gus and Moo are both Mascots of The Foundation 24 Hr Gyms. Gus is 5 years old, and Moo is 2. They both love people, and people love them. Both have special spots at all locations. They love to lay and greet all members and guests as they arrive. They have an active social media account and love sharing their daily gym shenanigans.

Mission and Vision

The Foundation 24-hour gyms provide a clean, safe environment with unbiased support and a supportive community to all members and guests. Our facilities combine new and old-school elements utilizing cutting-edge equipment and a focused approach to training and overall progress.

Our gyms aim to provide facilities and services nationwide by partnering with like-minded people who possess the passion and vision that allows growth without discounting the brand's quality.

The first location was opened on Nov.13, 2015, in Manhattan, Kansas. This facility was built new from the ground up and sat on approximately 6 acres on the west side of Manhattan, KS. Since then, we have expanded to the downtown Kansas City, MO area in 2019 and Liberty, Missouri in 2021. Moving forward, we have plans to expand across the Midwest, Texas, and both the East and West Coast. 

Our Competitive Advantage

While our equipment and facility are second to none, the best part of The Foundation is its members, staff, and the atmosphere that they cultivate. The relationships formed and the support given are truly what set The Foundation apart. 

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